It’s all about trust, consistency and persistence when you are looking for web and mobile app developer.

Techies are Malaysian team of IT consultants and developers who provide the best digital solutions to meet client needs and demands. Our dream is to be the best web and mobile app developer company in South East Asia by providing top notch services for various industries across ASEAN. In order to do so, we build adaptive solutions that can grow together with our clients.

Behind Techies’ works, there are hands full of creativity and passion to create applications
that suit clients’ needs. Our team works with clients in a collaborative, professional and
transparent manner. We measure the success of a project by client satisfaction when they
have done something special and unprecedented to their business.

Techies was started in 2017 with the ambition to become worlds’ leading IT consultant
providing creative services specifically in website development and mobile applications for
internal projects and external clients. And now we are proud to be part of start-ups and
multinational companies in helping solve their problems through the development of
mobile and web application.

The strength that we continue to maintain is technical excellence to achieve the best
products provided to clients. All of our founders and team personnel have outstanding
technical experience and track record. So that the ability to analyse, develop and maintain
on your IT investment can be guaranteed on an ongoing basis.

Research from Gartner shows that more than 50% of application development projects tend
to fail due to many factors. To avoid this and to realize a significant positive impact
commitment. We have service standards in Techies 3 units:


Application development services using high standard SDLC include needs analysis, UI / UX
design, coding, testing, and evaluation. We also offer customized service which allow the
clients to be involved in the system development so that they will be familiar with the process and the framework of their app.


The benefits of the application can be seen when the application starts to be used,
therefore, maintenance is an important part of developing the application itself. Maintenance includes bug fixes, feature updates, engagement measurement, and application usage assistance.


In the creative industry, especially in the field of technology, improvement is the key to
improving application performance in our services in making Android & iOS mobile
applications. We are always trying to develop the application to the next level by collecting
various feedback in the field so that the application is more user friendly and solution
according to its purpose. The continuous improvement that we implement always aims to
find smarter ways of working, to be more effective and efficient for our clients.

Techies’ goals are to provide usable real-world products and to have long term mutual
growth with our clients. Get the best service from our innovative and creative team to help
solve your problems and improve company’s targets through the integration of mobile and
web apps. In addition, below are list of our services that we provide to digital enthusiast like you:

  1. Mobile app development
    IOS, android, hybrid app
  2. Web app development
    CRM system, POS system, Ticket booking system, e-commerce website.
  3. UI/UX design
    Conceptual draft, wireframes.
  4. CTO for hire
    Consult, project outsource, tech team assembly
  5. Post development
    Deployment, maintenance, optimization.

Our excellent customers has left wonderful testimonials about our recent collaboration. As a result, we are well known for 5-stars service to all of our customers. To end this article, we would like to share what they think about us:

“Their workflow is very agile and to me it worked.”
Albert Tan, Head of IT of iExpress.

“The young and dynamic team is very aggressive and always expanding their knowledge.”
Martin Kim, CEO of Eatvolution Sdn Bhd.

“They’ve helped us build the site from A to Z.”
Ramy Alawssy, Founder of -ing creatives.

If you are interested about us, feel free to drop your contact here so we can arrange a discussion with cup of coffee for you. Remember, if you need top notch Web and Mobile App Developer in Malaysia, we are just one click away: